Kayce Laine, CCH and Reiki Levels I & II Practitioner, began studying energy work while exploring ways to overcome creative block to support her songwriting. After initially researching on her own, she undertook formal study and became a certified crystal healer (CCH) and certified Reiki healer to further channel energy work to cultivate imagination and inspiration. Using a combination of Reiki, crystals, a BioMat, sound, light, and aromatherapy, Kayce’s sessions facilitate deep relaxation and creative flow catered to artists but beneficial to all.

50-Minute Chakra Balancing and Vibrational Healing Session

Chakras are centers in the human energy field that distribute the energy that supports the functioning of the body, mind and emotions. Life experiences can cause a chakra to become imbalanced from too much or two little energy flowing through it. Using the natural vibrations of crystals, infrared heat from a BioMat, light, sound, aromatherapy and Reiki, Kayce will read and balance your chakras to allow energy to move through them more freely. This deeply relaxing and gentle session brings about an optimal flow of energy throughout the body and mind, allowing you to feel more centered and aligned.

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30-Minute Creative Flow Session

When our minds are allowed to wander, they engage the default mode network in the brain which plays an important role in processes like imagining and creative thinking. When your brain is focused on a task at all times, it never engages this network which is likely a cause for declines in creativity that have been noted in recent studies. With a 30-minute creative flow session, Kayce will relax your body and enable your mind to listen to your internal inspirations using a crystal infused BioMat and combination of Reiki energy, crystals and sound.

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20-Minute Pre-Performance Vibrational Healing Session

From rehearsals to load-ins to sound checks, show days can be insanely stressful for performers. Carve out a little time to put your mental health first and schedule a pre-performance energy and visualization session to get grounded and centered for your best performance possible. While you lie on a BioMat, Kayce will use a combination of Reiki, crystals and sound along with a brief guided visualization technique. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, focused, and energized for the show ahead.

* Kayce can come to you or the venue for an increased rate depending on location.

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