Kayce Laine is a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Practitioner and Sound Healer based in Nashville, TN. As a life-long musician, she began studying energy work while exploring ways to overcome creative block with her songwriting. After finding the effects of vibrational healing techniques to be extremely beneficial to her creativity and overall well-being, she undertook formal studies in crystal, sound and reiki healing. Now a full-time energy healer, Kayce offers private and group sessions with a focus in working with musicians, facilitating sound baths at local songwriting retreats, music studios and music venues to ease anxiety and optimize creative flow for artists.

Private vibrational healing session (IRL)

During this session, you will lay on a infrared heated bio-mat and Kayce will use a combination of hands-on reiki, crystals, crystal singing bowls, vibrapoint touch massage bowl, gong and theta chimes to take you on a personalized journey through healing vibrations. These ancient tools and instruments are played directly on and around the body to affect the energetic and physical field on a more precise cellular level, deepening the therapeutic effects. The 75-minute session includes a consultation as well as time to share anything that came up during the experience. These sessions take place in Kayce's home sound studio in North East Nashville but she is also available to make house calls for an additional fee.

$100 - Book now by going here

Private couples sound bath (IRL)

Bring your partner or friend along for a private and intimate sound healing treatment. Soak in the frequencies of the crystal singing bowls, Tibetan practitioner bowl, chimes and gong together to create a stronger sense of unity and deepen your relationship. During a 60-minute couples session, Kayce will lead you through a brief guided meditation to relax the body and encourage present moment awareness together. Bowls will be played directly on and around you during this treatment. These sessions are facilitated in Kayce's home sound studio in North East Nashville but she can come to you for an additional fee.

$150 - Book now by going here

Corporate and private group sound bath (IRL)

Give your cells and brain waves a massage! Kayce will guide the group through gentle movement and a brief, relaxing meditation followed by a sound bath using crystal singing bowls, a gong and theta chimes. The frequencies from this sound bath penetrate your body and energetic field to break up stagnant energy and harmonize with your body's natural vibrations and the crystal singing bowls correlate with the body's seven main chakras to realign your body and relax your mind. During this treatment, there is nothing for you to do but breathe and experience a soothing journey through sound.

Starting at $200 - Email Kayce to discuss what might be best for you and your group!

Virtual sound bath (Zoom)

You don't have to be in the same room as the bowls to reap the benefits of a sound bath! A virtual sound bath with Kayce is facilitated via Zoom and can be an amazing way to ease anxiety and ground yourself and your friends no matter where you are. Similar to an IRL experience, she will lead you and your group through gentle movement to connect with the body and a brief meditation to connect with your mind. She will then play the crystal singing bowls, gong and theta chimes to engage the parasympathetic nervous system leaving participants feeling relaxed and refreshed on a cellular level.

Starting at $100

Sage and sound house cleansing (IRL)

Whether you just moved into a new home or just need to refresh the energy in your current space, Kayce is happy to offer house clearing using sage and sound. This service includes a thorough sage smudge of your entire home, a sound clearing in each room and spreading a charcoal protection mixture around your property. She will also lead you and any other members of your household through a brief guided meditation with singing bowls to align your own energy with the space.

Starting at $100